School / College / University Rental Services

We recommend: Porta Potties, Hand Wash Stations, Restroom Trailers

Is your school, college or university hosting a tournament, race or game that will require additional restroom facilities?

Miller and Company is experienced in handling events of all types and sizes. We provide standard or handicap accessible porta potties, hand wash stations and restroom trailers to many school stadiums, tracks and fields to accommodate the influx of fans.

If your school requires porta potties for longer than just a single event, Miller & Company can provide seasonal portable toilets, hand wash stations & restroom trailers for the entire length of the year! We will clean, sanitize and service these on a weekly basis, or as often as necessary.

Whether your needs include portable toilets, restroom or shower trailers, waste or fresh water tanks, septic pumping or roll off containers, Miller & Company is The One Company to handle all of your sanitation needs!

School Porta Potty Rental

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